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Upgrade your alarm system

System upgrades in most cases are when your control equipment comes to the end of its useful life, this is typically between 10 – 15 years of service. However, the remaining part of your system is in a good state of repair. In such cases we will change the control equipment (control panel and keypad) for an up to date one. This will have an English alpha numeric display; with many features you may not have had previously to include:


A chime facility, this is to make you aware if someone has opened a door. Or perhaps someone has wandered into your garage. This facility can be toggled on and off by the user (you may be working in your garage for instance).

Event memory

700 hundred event memory, events on your system will be recorded. This helps to see all activity and can save the expense of calling out an engineer.

User codes

Users, codes there are two levels of code Master Manager (full Access) and user (restricted Access) Furthermore codes can govern the whole system or part of the system as well as only set or only unset the system as well as to full set/unset.

Walk test

Your system will have a Walk test facility, you can easily check the functionality of your system. An audible sound is generated when you trigger a device, following the test the system will display either “Complete” or inform you if a device has not operated.

Contactless proximity tag

Proximity Tag, this is a facility often used in conjunction with simple set (no code required) to turn off your alarm system by presenting a tag to the marked area. Typically, this facility helps people who have difficulty inputting numbers or maybe visually impaired unset the system, it is also good for children.

Time and date

The Time and date, is displayed on the keypad and are also recorded on all event logs and can be simply corrected by you the user.


Most zones are programmed so they can be omitted if not required and restored in a simple easy to follow manner as required.

Hold up / personal attack

Hold up/ Personal Attack facility, a simple press of keypad buttons will generate a full alarm condition creating a local alert as well as discouraging unwanted human activity.

Smart alarm

No need to rely on the sound of your Alarm System frightening off an intruder or relying on a neighbour or passer-by to raise an alert. With a smart alarm you’re in control with instant notifications on your mobile phone.