Smart alarm installation specialists


What is the difference between a normal alarm system and a smart alarm system?

Smart alarms use Cloud technology to keep you informed, this also allows full control of your system remotely via your mobile device with both push and voice notifications

How long does it take to install a new smart alarm?

This depends on the size of the system but typically 1.5 hours in your house, this is because the setting up and programming is done in our office, minimising the onsite time.

How long do the batteries last in a smart alarm?

This depends on how the system is set up; however, you can expect to get between 3-5 years use.

If I move to a new house can I take my smart alarm with me?

Yes, as it is not a fixture to the building it can easily be relocated and configured to your new home

What is included in a call out?

Arrive at your house, diagnose and repair the problem. Should any parts be required, you will be informed of the cost prior to installation. We allow 30 minutes, the vast amount of systems is repaired within this time. For more complex issues, a fee will be agreed there and then.

How do Maintenance contracts work?

We like to treat all of our customers the same way as we like to be treated. So, we don’t tie you into a contract, Should you require an annual maintenance visit, we simply add you onto our database and send you out a letter on the anniversary. If we don’t hear from you 2 years in a row, we stop sending you out a letter. This does not mean you can’t have a Maintenance visit at a future time, simply call us to arrange one

If my existing control panel fails, how long does it take to change it?

Typically, 1 hour and can often be done straight away.

I live outside your 25 mile working area, would it be possible to use your services?

Yes, we do have customers further afield; it depends on how far away you are. Occasionally there is a small additional fee for time and fuel.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us using the details below.