Why Wire Free?

No WiresSecurity Alarm

A damaged cable often renders your alarm inoperative until an engineer can call round and repair the fault. Furthermore many people are fitting hard and laminate flooring; traditionally cables were concealed under carpets. Modern styling negates the concealment of cables.

No Mess

Usually a wire free system can be installed in your home in 1-2 hours, the disruption is minimal and it is extremely rare to drill holes other than fixings for equipment.

No Fuss

Our wire free systems allow ease of use incorporating key fobs for setting & unsettling.


We pride ourselves on quality and only use the best equipment available; using the 868 frequency for radio alarms and high security encrypted coded signals

Complete Security SystemFuture Proof

Our basic system has the facility for up to 30 zones as standard, including Smoke detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Flood detectors and of course a range of regular detectors we even have pet friendly detectors.

Another advantage is if you move house you can take the system with you!!


Our systems have on board communication, enabling your alarm to signal to a mobile or land based phone anything from alarm, fire & power failure to latch key (informs you when your children unset the system). Other forms of communication device also available.


Our systems comply with the following standards EN50131 Grade 2 DD243, PD6662

What does all this technology cost?

Wireless Alarm Keyfob

You will be surprised to know our basic system comprising of:

1 x Door Contact, 2 x PIR detectors, 2 x Key Fobs, Control Panel and an External Sounder.

Can be supplied and fitted for arround £400

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