About Security Doctor

Security companies often charge over the odds for service and repairs. After all, they installed the alarm, they must be the best company to repair and maintain it, carry out the annual service and deal with any problems - shouldn’t they?! Not necessarily true. Like many companies these days, staff move around, systems change and it’s a struggle to both keep up and have a depth of knowledge of what went before.

Security Alarm

With over 40 years of experience exclusively in the alarm industry, the directors and engineers at Security Doctor have an in-depth knowledge of virtually every alarm and security device known to man.

You can always be assured, no matter what your system, Security Doctor can service it, fix it and maintain it..

Fixed pricing

You can be assured of costing as all of our services have a fixed price, no getting back to you with a quotation or sending you a bill that hasn’t been agreed.  You will always know the price prior to commencement of work.